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When this local artist travels east for inspiration, he doesn't mean to Atlantic Canada.


Stephen Murphy's latest exhibition is based on a trip to Siena , Italy.



   "I heard that Tuscany was a very inspiring place for artists, and I was eager to test this rumour."
   Murphy wasn't disappointed.
In Siena, he found himself in the Piazza del Campo a sight Murphy felt had an "energetic and great vibe." The Piazza was so captivating to him that he set up his easel and brushes, and decided to paint the Gothic buildings that have characterized Siena .
   "The Piazza del Campo is one of the most beautiful piazzas in Europe. It had a certain uniqueness and energy about it which I found inspiring."
   As Murphy was leaving Italy to return to his Beaches home, he said he was overcome with a strong feeling of contemplation. He realized that the Piazza had seen so many faces that had come and gone throughout the centuries, and it struck him that he too would be one of those fading faces.
    However, through his art Murphy has found a way to keep the memory of his experience alive forever.
   "For me, the Campo wasn't just a piazza anymore; it was a place of reflection and spirit of hope and confidence."
   You can catch Stephen Murphy's latest art exhibition, entitled Follow me to Siena, at the Todmorden Mills Art Gallery, from Nov. 30 to Dec. 5. Receptions will be held Dec 3, 4 and 5 from 4 to 9 p.m.
    If you are interested in learning more about Murphy's work, you can visit his website at

   Art and travel are two of Stephen Murphy's greatest passions, and for this travelling artist, one cannot exist without the other.
   "I believe that going abroad and painting internationally is important for any artist," said 42-year-old Murphy. "I don't understand why artists go back to the East Coast every year. I mean, how many paintings of rocks and fishing boats can you do?"
   Growing up, Murphy always knew he wanted to be an artist.
   "I've been painting ever since I was a child. Later on, I had a stressful job and I used to come home and paint. It would relieve my stress. I was lucky enough to turn it into my profession."  
   Through his paintings, Murphy has discovered a way to express his creativity and continue his connection with his birthplace.
   Born on the Caribbean island of Antigua (his family immigrated to Toronto when he was 16), Murphy has established himself as one of the most prominent artists in Canada. Mainly selftaught, he uses shape and light values to create his bold, vibrant impressionistic style.
   Many of Murphy's art exhibits have been dedicated to the places he has visited, and his latest exhibit at the Todmorden Mills Art Gallery was inspired by the Piazza del Campo in Siena, near Tuscany, Italy.


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